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Innovative Temporary Screening Solutions...

Leading the way in site screening... Hoardfast systems are designed to enable contractors to screen off sites in the fastest, most effective manner whilst minimising disruption to building users and public areas.

Here at Hoardfast we are constantly innovating and looking into new screening/hoarding ranges that will answer to more of our clients' needs.  we're also committed to a reliable, personal service to accomodate the fast turnarounds required by construction sites.

As a company we've found that systems like Hoardfast which offer a range of different products, are suitable for a far wider range of projects than the traditional timber hoarding systems.  With options on height sizes, fire-ratings and the opportunity to purchase or rent, we can provide a temporary hoarding/partitioning solution that really meets your requirements.

Each system offers revolutionary advances in terms of flexibility, hygiene, appearance and speed of installation. We have a full range of part-height and floor-to-ceiling dust-tight screening solutions:

    • Polythene screens
    • Fast fit Plastic PVC hoarding
    • Fire-rated, metal-faced hoardings
    • Noise reducing screens
    • Access tunnels
    • Hoarding graphics and signage

Typical benefits to you:

  • Smart corporate appearance – improved site image
  • Robust design – safe, secure site perimeters
  • Easy and fast to install – minimal disruption to building users
  • Clean – no paint, sawdust or mess
  • Free-standing, self-supported or floor-to-ceiling sealing systems
  • Reconfigurable – ideal for staged refurb works
  • Eco-friendly systems – minimise your environmental impact with recycleable plastic hoarding
  • Purchase or rental options – why buy if your need is only temporary

Our dust-tight, temporary, plastic PVC hoarding systems fit together simply and quickly which saves time on site set-up as well as providing an impressive screen to protect building works.

Ask for a demonstration of our revolutionary modular systems -  say goodbye to timber, sawdust and paint for ever and embrace a fresh, clean approach to site hoarding!

As a part of the Westgate Group Hoardfast can also offer window films for glass. 

View our product range to explore some ideas for future projects.

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